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It's the Original Ski-Mask. The Original MR. Ski-Mask. Any goof can WEAR a ski-mask, but only ONE can BE the Ski-Mask. It's only ONE Ski-Mask and dat's me! I have the charisma. I have mastered the arts of ranting, recording, and therapizing! I've been the Ski-Mask before most of you were even born! Star of stage, screen and radio - when did it all begin? Sometime in the very early 80's with the first Mr. Ski-Mask fashion photo shoot with a Polaroid 600 camera purchased from the Riverside Drug Mart! The video career began when your hero the Ski-Mask procured his first VHS camcorder - a Sharp My Movie which utilized the VHS video cassette technology. Ski-Mask then proceeded to shoot his first video, which will be postified to this OFFICIAL site soon! Once we dredge it up out of the Cosmic Space Pouch, son! It used a nuvicon tube - before your modern-age CCD chips! And a career of great prophecy and preachifyin' done did begin! Known around the world - often imitated but never duplicated! The Original and Best. Mr. Ski-Mask is THE GREATEST! Submit to him! or just email him MrSkiMask@MrSkiMask.com


Thunderbird Theatre - started July, 1991 - ended July, 2001- aired at various times in Buffalo, NY, Norwalk, CT, Cambridge, MA, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA; In 2000, the City of Buffalo Common Council passed a resolution labelling the show "offensive", thus creating a media frenzy covered by News 4 Buffalo on WIVB, the local CBS affiliate, multiple issues of The Buffalo News, and an article about public access tv in FHM Magazine (October 2000)

Episode 19
Episode 20
Episode 95
Episode 96
Episode 97
Episode 102
Episode 103

Video-Mundane - started July, 1993 - ended 1995 - aired Saturday Mornings in Buffalo, NY - art video at its best worst - will post some specimens here soon 4 u 2 n-joy!

The Greg Sterlace Show - took over hosting duties November, 2008 after appearing as regular from 2007, an dnumerous guest appearances in the 1990's - currently airs in Buffalo, NY and surrounding suburbs, and at sterlace.com

WBNY 91.3 FM - Buffalo, NY - Co-hosted numerous underground music shows - throughout the 1990's into the 2000's

WJJL 1440 AM - Buffalo, NY - The Go! Show - Co-hosted controversial talk show with Bill Lannen, Zeus & Skitchy - Summer, 2009

The Original Mr. Ski-Mask Radio Programme - Think Twice Radio - www.thinktwiceradio.com


"Deuteronomy" - winner First Amendment Award - Louisville Film & Video Festival - Louisville, KY 1991; winner - Videoteur  Festival - Seattle, WA 1992

"Growin' Up"

"Roosterin' The Henhouse"

"Waitin' Room"


Member of the following bands at various times:
Ski-Mask & The Bucket Men - Pogo
Black Mass of Absu
The Next Syphillis
Anal Pudding
GreggreG 2000

Played the Following Festivals:
One Man Band Festival - Chicago, IL
Transmission of Binary Codes - Detroit, MI


Ski-Mask & The Bucket Men
Dead Inside
Johnny Revolting
They Live
Satan's Helpers
Bloody Eye The
Bertha Mason
Black Mass of Absu
Jack Jimmy Hoodlums
Baseball Furies
Trailer Park Tornadoes
Robot Has Werewolf Hand
Redd Henn
Skate Korpse

My Penis
The New Flesh
Anal Pudding
Corpus Dei
Running For Cover
Brown Sugar
Rational Animals
Gas Chamber
Bad Taste
Brain Car
I Was The Scarecrow
Utah Jazz


Riverside Art Scene - legendary cut & paste photocopy zine - Summer, 1992 - Summer, 2007

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